Universal Single Slot USB Cell Charger for Rechargeable 18650 Li-ion Batteries

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Compact and efficient 18650 battery charger with a single independent charging slot. This USB-powered charger is designed for 18650 Li-ion batteries, featuring input compatibility with DC 5V 1A-2A and an output of DC 4.2V 1000mA. It's certified with EU CE/EMC and US FCC certifications, making it a reliable choice for recharging your 18650 batteries. Read more

  • Product Name: Single Slot Independent Charging for 18650 Batteries.
  • Model: BH-042100-02U with Attached Cable.
  • Key Features: Charges 18650 Batteries Individually.
  • Power Source: Powered by Standard USB.
  • Input Specifications: Accepts DC 5V 1A-2A Input..
  • Output Specifications: Generates DC 4.2V 1000mA Output.
  • Compact Size: Small and Portable, Measuring 10x22x27mm.
  • Certifications: EU CE/EMC and US FCC Certified
Specifications Descriptions
Product Name: Single Slot Cell Charger for 18650 Batteries.
Model: BH-042100-02U with Attached Cable

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