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About Us

The Markhor is a great platform, which provides information and news. The website allows visitors to have a better understanding as a nation. The unique visual and storytelling text delivers high quality, genuine and engaging content across social, digital and print platforms. The innovative information and news reflect the Pakistani nation. At least hundreds and thousands of people are reached every day.

Mission of The Markhor

The Markhor aims to be listed among the world leading online information and news delivery. The dedicated staff updates the news mainly during the daytime when people seek happenings in Pakistan. The Markhor primarily relies on the technology news of Pakistan and features the rich content to develop the interest of the readers. The site is updated entire day and seven days a week.

Values of The Markhor

Every news updated on the The Markhor website is informed by the staff values. Trust is the main feature of the news. We value the trust of our customers and make sure to validate the information before presenting it on the website. The team focuses on getting every information right. The teams of writers are solely committed to provide fair and well-balanced coverage. Everything provided on the website is to entertain, engage and to develop the interest of you. The digital news service can easily be accessed whenever and wherever you want on phone, tablet, and computer.

Logo of the website

The Markhor is Pakistan`s national animal which lives on the mountain. It is one of the popular animals. The logo of the site represents the nationality and provides great information about the national issues.

The Markhor website

The Markhor is the news site which reaches to hundreds of the readers by providing breaking news and national stories with the help of the dedicated team. The readers of The Markhor wants to get to the point stories, and the team brings its readers with the up to date and timely news. The The Markhor website engages the readers at the appropriate time. We connect users with engaging content.
The Markhor website can be approached through the mobile phone. The news and services can be read via smartphone. The color photos, streaming video, and text quickly upload via mobile phones no matter where ever you are on the go. The Markhor aims to bring the latest news directly to you.

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Features of website

  • The Markhor is a great site for information and news. The site provides visitors breaking sports news, weather, politics, travel, and technology news. The news updates 24 hours a day and seven days.
  • It offers reader nation conversation and allows them to participate via comment. Readers can comment on various stories and provide their views by using their official ID. The post or news can also be shared for discussion purposes.
  • Visitors can avail comprehensive experience by reaching to timely news and information via interactive infographics, rich content, and multi-media functions including blogs, articles, profiles and pictures.
  • The Markhor is bound to deliver information and news via email for products or breaking news alerts. You can get latest news or daily briefing from sports, travel, tech, life and about special deals.

Get dynamic updates

The Markhor is an active and vibrant website, which updates the news in a colorful and riveting way. We provide news to Pakistanis about the issue, how, where and when they want. Even the breaking down complex news and issues are also highlighted accompanied by uniquely personal focus.
However, the news is accurate, credible and up to the minute. Visitors can get a quick look at what is happening in Pakistan and the world today. The in-depth analysis or far-reaching problems and issues will be addressed.