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5 things to consider before you buy a Powerbank

Press Release Sep 27, 2018
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A powerbank is a portable charging device. This handy device helps you in charging your smart phones, MP3/MP4 players, tablets, and even laptops.
Today, Powerbanks have become a need as we are always on the go, and hardly get any time to charge the devices. If you are planning to get your hands on one then Read on to understand what you need to look for in a powerbank.

1. The capacity – How often are you going to charge your phone?
The capacity of a powerbank is its power as to how many times it can charge your device. It, in fact, depends on your device’s battery. For instance, if I’m going to charge a smart phone with a battery capacity of 3000 mAh then I might need a powerbank with a capacity of 4000 – 5000 mAh to expect a one-time full charge.
In many cases, you expect your powerbank to charge as many devices (in a single charge) as possible – for example when you are travelling. Therefore, choosing the right capacity for your powerbank is the most important aspect that depends on your expectation, and usage of a powerbank.
You may refer to the follow cheat sheet to further clarify (taking the aforementioned example)

a) 4000 – 5000 mAh Powerbank can charge a 3000mAh device’s battery once
b) 8000 mAh capacity can charge twice or thrice
c) 12,000 mAh capacity can charge thrice more.

2. The input-output current rating – Looking for Fast Charging, eh?
This is another most important aspect of a powerbank that you must consider.
Let’s discuss the input-output current rating in two (2) pieces.

a) The input current rating
The input current rating of a powerbank deals with the amount of current it can draw from the power supply. Powerbanks are expected to be charged before they can be used. These handy hand-held devices usually come in 2 modes. 1 Ampere, 5Volts, and 2 Ampere, 5V. As a thumb rule, more the amount of current, faster the powerbank will be charged.

b) The output current rating
The rating is written on any powerbank you’d buy. This again comes in 2 modes. With 1 Ampere, 5Volts, the charging is normal but with an output capacity of 2.1Ampere, 5Volts, The charging is fast. It also depends on the current drawing capacity of your device. If it can draw 2.1A, at 5V then your device will get charge fast.

3. Portability
A number of powerbanks that come in various sizes, and shapes are available in the market. Since you are looking for a portable hand-held charging solution for your device, make sure it is indeed…. A portable one.

4. Power-Conversion rate
You must have noticed in the upper example that a powerbank with 4000 – 5000 mAh capacity charges a 3000mAh battery only once, why? It depends on something that’s called “Power-Conversion rate”. A powerbank is considered effective if its power-conversion rate is around 85%. Usually, some power is dissipated as a heat, or when long, thin wires are used to charge the devices. To get the best out of your powerbank, make sure its power-conversion rate is at least 80%.

5. Price, and Quality
The important factor that ‘needs’ to be considered. The usual mind-set is “More the price, better the quality”. Which in many cases is not true. If you get to buy the powerbank carefully, you may get your hands on at a wonderful package whilst you pay less for it.
However, compromise on quality must not be done. It is better that you buy a branded powerbank such as from Samsung, Romoss, or MI. These devices are eventually going to charge your other devices so it’s better that you choose the right thing, while you have the time.
… And if you miss to check out these things then do not complain about a bad powerbank

We hope that we were able to highlight the ‘most’ important factors that you may need to consider before buying a Powerbank. Drop your comments below, share your experience stories, and let us know if we are missing something. Till next, Peace out!

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