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Pakistani Boy Secured World’s Highest Marks in Cambridge Mathematics Exam

Amna Ansar Jan 24, 2018
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A Pakistani student secured world’s highest marks in Mathematics during the Cambridge Examinations 2017.

About Aarez Hassan Brohi

A boy named, Aarez Hassan Brohi belongs to Nawabshah is the first ever Pakistani to get the “Top in the World Award” in the O Level Examination of Cambridge. Aarez is the student of Bay View Academy.

The family of the student is so honored with the performance of their kid. The father of Ali expressed his feelings via Twitter saying, “It is a moment of enormous pleasure for me to share the joy with Ali Hassan Brohi whose son has topped the world in Mathematics from Cambridge in O Levels. Many many congratulations to Aarez Hasaan Brohi. Wish him all the best ahead.”


‘Top in the World’ means

The term ‘Top in the World’ refers to an achiever who has attained highest marks in the world for a single subject. The learner who achieve this title will be awarded with the Cambridge Award. It is not an easy task to get this achievement.

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