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Punjab Food Authority bans sale of bottled water of three major brands

Amna Ansar Jan 18, 2018
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Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has banned the sale of bottled water of three renowned brands of the country. According to authorities, these brands were failed to meet the quality standards set by the PFA. More surprisingly, the brands are well known in the country and are widely used.

Banned Brands

  • Kinely
  • Springley
  • Aquafina

Earlier, Aquafina was declared as the only brand in the country who meets the quality standards set by the Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA).

Companies Tested

Recently, Punjab Food Authority has surveyed 14 companies and collected their samples. Companies tested are as follows:

  • Aqua Safe
  • Aquafina
  • Sufi
  • Kinley
  • Blu Water
  • Sparkle
  • Kinz
  • Bottle Water
  • Pure Drinking Water
  • Naimat
  • Nestle Pure Life
  • Zam Zam
  • Murree Sparklets
  • Springley

After the collection of the samples, they were sent to the Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research for the further testing of the samples and to figure out which company meets the quality standards and which does not. Surprisingly, not a single company made it to meet the standards set by the authorities.

Out of the 14 companies tested, only 11 are labeled as the “Plain or Safe Water.”

It is very clear that these companies are making people fool on the name of safe water. However, PFA directed these companies to makes amendments to fully meet the criteria.

Drawbacks of Banned Companies

PFA revealed that after testing, various hazardous elements like different germs and chemicals which are alarming for the human health were found in the water samples of banned companies.

After the alarming results of the water samples, food authority immediately took action and banned the renowned brands to stop further production and called back their already stock that was present in market.

However, in future if companies would be able to meet the set quality standards, they will be allowed to continue their production again.

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