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How to lose weight easily | Details

Amna Ansar Jan 17, 2018
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Are you one of them who want to lose weight but is unable to do so? Are you tired of trying weight loss tablets, taking multiple supplements and from gyming? Although losing weight is not an easy thing to do and is impossible without exercising or dieting. However here we are going to explain some remedies which will surely aid you to burn fat and high calories instantly with less effort:

 Lemon & Honey Drink

If you are into losing weight in a week without rushing into the efforts of exercise and dieting then try this miracle drink.


  • Lemon                  1/2
  • Honey                  1 Tablespoon
  • Warm Water       1 Glass


Take one glass of luke warm water and add fresh lemon juice along with honey. Stir the water well. Drink this drink on an empty stomach for a week and you will get tremendous results. This drink is also beneficial in getting clear skin.


Lemon helps in the detoxification and is known as a best immunity booster. Furthermore it helps in digestion and enhances weight loss.

Cumin Drink

As losing weight is not an easy task at all. To get rid of excessive calories within few time, try this cumin drink. This drink is the great way to reduce obesity.


  • Cumin        2 tablespoon
  • Lemon        1/2
  • Water         1 or half glass


Take cumin seeds and dip then in the water for a night. Next say in the morning, boil the dipped seeds in the water. Once boiled, filter out the boiled cumin seed water. After being cooled, add fresh lemon juice. stir well and drink. To get effective results, drink this cumin smoothie for 2 consecutive weeks.


Cumin is best known for digestion of food by converting large insoluble food particles into smaller ones. Furthermore, cumin is a huge source of iron which aids to overcome the issues of weakness, headache and energy loss.

These two simple and easy-to-make drinks are a huge source of getting rid of fats. In order to get eye catching body shape, take these simple drinks. Good luck 🙂

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