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Avoid gaining weight during Winter Season

Faryal Nadeem Dec 13, 2017
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Winter season is almost here which welcomes family get to gathers and wedding season with it. Yes, it is true that you need to switch your eating habits during the winter season from cold slushes to hot drinks and it is human nature to crave more for desserts during winter. Pakistani trend of Halwa`s starts at the beginning of winter but actually munching on these things definitely let you increase weight.

It is obvious that human metabolism slows down during winter so instead of cozying up and eating fast food, stay honest with yourself by switching to a better lifestyle to avoid weight gain. So, in order to shed some pounds, it is best to follow the following practices.

  • Try to exercise outdoors

It feels great to tuck yourself under layers during winter but embracing fresh air and talking a good walk in morning will definitely do wonders for your body. Go for running, cycling or a brisk walk will help you to burn calories. It is best to go out in nature instead of exercising in gym crowds.

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  • Switch to better choices

You may know that some of the vegetables and fruits will surely help you to lose weight. Sweet potato known as Shakarqandi in Pakistan contains a lot of fiber helps you to feel fuller. Kale is also nutritious but if you find difficulty in looking for kale in the market, switch to other green leafy vegetables such as Palaak or spinach. Do make apples or watermelon your best friends because they are rich in water and act as absolute stars.

  • Low-calorie diet

Yes, during winter, nothing seems hearty like Peathey ka Halwa, gaajar ka Halwa or dal ka halwa but going for skim milk, low-fat ingredients, brown sugar, brown rice and other choices will let you enjoy yummy desserts without any guilt.

  • Go for better eating plan

It is okay to enjoy your favorite things during winter but make sure to never overdo eating. It is because metabolism gets slow during winter so it is better to try exercising. Pick wisely between proteins and carbs.

  • Do not take stress

Stress often leads to the irregular routine of eating such as munching on fast foods. Stress increases the hunger and holds your body for fat. So, stay happy and make better choices along with enough sleep.

Make this your routine and observe a great change in your life and body.

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