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Tips to make New Year 2018 resolution

Faryal Nadeem Dec 12, 2017
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Every person has a right to make a healthy and wealthy resolution for a successful year ahead. Making a resolution helps people to stay on track by being measurable, specific and time-based. It is recommended by psychologists because resolutions help you to stick to your goals. Many people add up things about their behavior which they want to change while others want to focus on their career by being practical and realistic. So, New year is just around the corner, it is best to start New Year with new beginnings.

Tips to create New Year resolution

Following are the tips which perhaps act as a motivator and lets you make a healthy resolution for New Year 2018. So, it is the right time to be realistic and take a small step towards the betterment of life.

  • Pick up a realistic goal which you want to accomplish.
  • Pick up things that you want to change in yourself.
  • Just appreciate yourself if you follow the rules and changes.
  • Be specific about your goal just as if you want to lose weight set a target that can be achieved.
  • Share your goal or decision with friends or family so that they can support you and encourage you when you stick to your resolution.
  • Build a healthy behavior by substituting good behaviors. Drop out bad behaviors in order to build confidence in yourself.
  • Track the progress regularly to note down the changed behavior for the self-monitoring.

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Goal setting tips

This goal setting tips will help you to be more measurable and specific.

  • It is best to make one resolution because chances of success get higher.
  • Do not wait until New Year Eve to make your resolution. Think for some days to achieve and form a well-planned resolution.
  • Do not reconsider any of the previous resolutions because past plans will lead to disappointment and frustration.
  • Follow to achieve your goal step by step because it will help you to create measurable and stable steps.
  • To avoid any failure, share your resolution with friends or the person you can trust.

Common New Year health resolution

Following are the common New Year resolutions which will help you to get active an maintain your health.

  • Lose weight

It is best to follow some of the practical tips to lose weight. Do make wise choices for healthy food.

  • Quit Smoking

Yes, we understand it is not easy to quit smoking but trying to achieve your goal will definitely help to build your stamina.

  • Stay active and hydrated

Water is essential for living so it is important to stay hydrated to remain active. Boost the fitness by following some practical ideas. For a happy life ahead, it is recommended to stay in shape.

  • Eat more vegetables and fruits

Adopting a better lifestyle and switching to fruits and vegetables is a wise choice.

Hope the tips and resolution plan will help you for a better tomorrow. Have a Happy New Year ahead.

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