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Things to know before going to Egypt

Faryal Nadeem Nov 15, 2017
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Are you one of those travelers who are sensationalist about the safety news of Egypt? It is one of the reasons that Egypt has dropped its tourism. Despite the turbulent past and political unrest, Egypt is still an alluring place to visit which is hard to resist. You will surely have an unforgettable trip to Egypt if you will stay prepared and know about the things before going to Egypt.

  • Tap Water is not recommended

It is important to know that water standards are below average in Egypt because water is not filtered properly which will definitely lead to harmful organisms to enter the water. So be careful, drinking tap water can cause diarrhea to you. Do carry bottled water with yourself or even try to brush your teeth with bottled water as well.

  • Bug Spray is important

Warm weather welcomes bugs so it is best to carry bug spray with you. Wherever you sit, lay down or enjoy the surroundings, use bug spray to avoid any health issue.

  • Accommodation standards

The day you plan to visit Egypt, just let go of all the luxurious standards because you won’t find accommodation standards too high. You will find low priced hotels but high expectations regarding accommodation will surely disappoint you.

  • Wear Hat

Wearing sunscreen and hat is mandatory because of scorching sunlight and a high temperature of Egypt. It is essential to protect yourself from direct sun rays, however, keeping yourself hydrated during travel is also good.

  • Respect the religion and culture

Egypt is a Muslim country. People of Egyptian culture are conservative so it is best to respect their local culture with proper greetings and appropriate dressing. So be wise during packing because you have to stay formal and cover up at most of the places. It is not recommended to visit the place during Ramadan as people of Egypt strictly follow religion so you won’t be able to enjoy festivities and culture during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

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  • Bustling Markets

Taking the tour of markets and cities is bit overwhelming. You have to learn some basic Arabic words while navigating the markets because you won’t end up finding anything for free. The street vendors are very pushy so you would definitely be having a challenging experience.

  • Avoid going along

It is best to travel and explore Egypt with a tour company. Make sure to reach out the certified tour company to avoid any inconvenience in future. A knowledgeable guide can protect you in many cases.

Have a good tour!!

Egypt is an exceptional world and you will definitely be fortunate to visit the place. It is one of the unusual places to have a lifetime experience that you treasure forever.

For the positive experience, it is our aim to highlight travelers with the knowledge and things to know before going to Egypt. The experience to Egypt will definitely be different from other European countries. However, it will be valuable for the traveler not to be immune to misconceptions. Moreover, most of the idea comes from other traveler’s experience and photos.

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