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Google Assistant is now efficient to identify songs

Faryal Nadeem Nov 09, 2017
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With the launch of Pixel 2, the unique feature of Google Assistant is introduced which helps to identify songs played near you. The user does not have to do anything because Google Assistant automatically detects songs and the name of the song is displayed on the lock screen. However, the song detection feature is not exclusive to Pixel devices.

The updated version of Google Assistant is efficient. Users do not have to download separate apps to identify songs such as Shazam. The feature is easy to use. Suppose you are enjoying lunch or dinner in a restaurant and you like the song played there. All you need is to take out your phone and activate Google Assistant. The feature will detect the song once you click on What’s This Song? Option. Tap the option and name of the song will be seen in the background.

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Even if the application does not detect the music, you can ask it to detect it manually Which song is playing? The feature is available to use on all Android devices once you install Google Assistant. If you already own the app, just update it to use it. Even if you don’t get it, wait for some days, the update will be available soon in your area.

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