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Four new airlines applied for license in Pakistan

Firdos Malik Oct 28, 2017
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Four new airlines have connected for the issuance of the Regular Public Transport (RPT) Airline License to Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority.

The names of these airlines are:

Askari Air Pakistan

Joined Airways Pakistan Limited (Air Pakistan)

Freedom Air

Afeef Zara Airways

Aeronautics Division uncovered that issuance of licenses to the private aircrafts in the nation is a progressing procedure. Any private carrier in the nation can apply for the permit.

The applications for the RPT Licenses are handled as per Civil Aviation Rules (CARs) 1994 and National Aviation Policy (NAP)- 2015 for thought of the skilled expert.

The Division has as of late issued RPT permit to M/s Air Sial Limited on fifth September 2017 to lead RPT operations in Pakistan.

The legislators in Senate brought up a few issues as they were wary that the Askari Air Pakistan – wander might be embraced by Fauji Foundation.

The legislators continued asking whether the carriers had a place with Fauji Foundation – one of the biggest monetary administrations and one of the biggest vitality combinations with premiums in compost, concrete, sustenance, control age, gas investigation, LPG showcasing and dispersion, money related administrations, business administrations, and security administrations.

Be that as it may, the clergyman for parliamentary undertakings Sheik Aftab had no clue whether the carriers had a place with Fauji Foundation or another person. He guaranteed the house said that he would illuminate the house in the wake of counseling the concerned office which had issued the permit.

“I don’t know whether it had a place with the Fauji Foundation yet I do know it is a private carrier,” he included

Col (retd) Syed Tahir Mashhadi said that the greater part of the organizations keep running by Fauji Foundation are being go through the title of Askari, and most likely the carriers additionally has a place with a similar association that is controlled by previous officers of military.

In answer to an inquiry by PPP Senator Dr Karim Khawaja the priest it happened that four private aircrafts had connected for licenses to work in the nation.

Congressperson Farhatullah Babar who asked whether the Askari Air Pakistan was claimed by a similar outfit about which the Senate had been educated a year ago that it possessed more than fifty modern, business, business and land ventures all through the nation.

Clergyman for Parliamentary Affairs Shaikh Aftab who was answering for the benefit of the Minister for Aviation said that he was ignorant regarding who claimed however said that he will discover and return to the House.

Be that as it may, he said that licenses are prepared as per the Civil Aviation rules and the National Aviation Policy and that as of late it had offered permit to Air Sial Limited a month ago to lead operations in Pakistan.

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