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Srilankan Cricket Board rethinking about sending their players to Lahore for a Cricket match

Faryal Nadeem Oct 14, 2017
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Sri Lanka’s cricket board is rethinking plans to play a match against Pakistan in Lahore not long from now after its players communicated security concerns, authorities said Saturday. Sri Lanka are as of now booked to play their third Twenty20 match in the arrangement in Lahore on October 29, a little more than eight years after its group was trapped by shooters in a similar city. Be that as it may, the board give occasion to feel qualms about its group’s arrival to the nation Saturday, saying it would ponder security appraisals gave by both Sri Lanka and Pakistan governments and in addition autonomous reports and perhaps settle on a choice Monday, an authority said. “A couple of players have communicated reservations, yet around 20 players (out of 40 shrunk by the board) have affirmed their eagerness to play in Lahore,” the board official told AFP.

Under the present timetable, Lahore would have the Twenty20 arrangement finale following prior matches between the sides played in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where Pakistan have played their “home” internationals since the trap. Yet, after Pakistan effectively arranged the last of its local Pakistan Super League competition in Lahore under overwhelming security this March, the nation trusted global recreations could by and by be played there.

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