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International Badminton tournament to be held in Pakistan in coming November

Faryal Nadeem Oct 14, 2017
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The International Badminton Tournament will be held here at the Liaqat Gymnasium of Pakistan Sports Complex from November 8 to 12. Prize of which will be US $8000. World Badminton federation had asked Pakistan Badminton federation to organize this event. It is also a big step towards bringing sports back in Pakistan. Good organization of this event will give the message to World that Pakistanis are the people who are sports loving.

Groups from Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, Maldives, Syria, Afghanistan, Turkey, Sri-Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia and Pakistani Badminton Players will take an interest for top respects in the occasion, said an official statement issued here from Pakistan Sports Board on Friday. PBF have gotten passages in Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles from the above areas.

This competition will support the up and coming players of Pakistan and the delicate picture of Pakistan. A measure of US $8,000 will be disseminated as prize cash in the competition alongside awards and trophies to the victors and runners-up. The Pakistan Sports Board has prescribed the Inter Provincial Coordination Ministry to issue NOC, on a fundamental level, for holding the above International Tournament in Pakistan Sports Complex.

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