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Dubai police is aiming to design a new invention , “hoverbike” that can fly over the traffic

Faryal Nadeem Oct 14, 2017
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A flying bike that can fly above activity and be utilized as a part of save situations is to end up some part of the Dubai police constrain in front of Expo 2020.
A flying motorcycle is to be designed in Dubai so that rescue purpose can be done more easily and quickly. It is decided that it will be added in Dubai police before 2020 expo. It has capacity to fly 16 feet above the ground. The technology on which it is designed is same as one in robotic cars.

This bike can fly for 35 mins and also at a speed that is considered as fair enough up to 70 Km/h . It can also carry a weight of up to 300 Kg.  It is designed such that it can fly over the traffic and easily find out the problem or any incident that needs to be spotted. It is efficient because it is less in weight , small and compact. Fuel consumption is also less. Hence it can move up to a fair distance and petrol it very easily.

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