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Breakthrough Junior Challenge of Khan Academy offering scholarship of worth $250,000

Amna Ansar Sep 23, 2017
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Khan Academy is offering scholarship of worth $250,000 under its Breakthrough Junior Challenge 2017. The scholarship is basically for students who are passionate about science. Winners of the challenge will get an attractive amount of $250,000.

The students between the age of 13-18 years are eligible for the Breakthrough Junior Challenge. Student must also love the science subjects i.e. physics, mathematics and life sciences. If students will participate on the behalf of their school, the school will also get the grant of $100,000. The grant will be provided to the school for the establishment of science lab.

What is Breakthrough Junior challenge?

For the challenge, all students have to do is to make a short film in which students will explain any scientific or mathematical concept of their own choice. The film must not exceed 3 minutes and is comprised of a idea in science or math.


Students can represent their idea or theory in 3 minute long video in any of these fields:

  1. Life sciences
  2. Mathematics
  3. Physics

Type of video:

Video could be of any kind like animated, documentary based or student talking in front of blackboard etc. The message must be delivered effectively during the video.

Criteria for Judgment:

Video of the students will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. CreativityStudents video will be judged on the creativity showed during the video. Video must be showing innovative and creative ways.
  2. Illumination: Second criteria on which video will be judged is that either the video is representing the idea or theory clearly or effectively?
  3. Difficulty: Does the theory represented is challenging or not?
  4. Engagement: Does the video is engaging the attention of viewers or is it attention seeking?

How to Apply

To participate in the challenge Click Here and fill the form.

Last date:

Last date for the application is 1st October 2017.

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