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Top five apps that you need to have on your phone at all times

Amna Ansar Sep 20, 2017
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With the advent of smartphones and technologies like 4g and 3g, Pakistan is now gaining access to facilities which looked like impossible figments of imagination sometime ago. Since Pakistan has stepped up its smartphone game, it has gained access to numerous applications like online cooking app to ride-sharing services and emergency services which help make life much easier for its users. Here is a list of top five applications that you need to have your smartphone at all times.

Home Remedies and Tips:

Pakistanis are in love with their desi health tips aka “Desi totkas”. No matter if you are dealing with an illness or just looking for some daily fitness tips, there is always a totka remedy available. A smartphone application known as Home Remedies+ : Natural Cures provides its users with an online platform allowing hundreds of Desi totkas for treatment of all kinds of ailments. So whether you are suffering from anemia, skin issues, body pain, or just surfing for daily life tips, a homegrown desi cure will be there in the application.  The application allows remedies to be added to your favorites and you can also easily share them with your friends and family through your Facebook profile. Questions and queries concerning any remedy or ailment can be dealt at a community discussion and queries forum.

Cooking applications and Online Food Portals:

Regardless of you being an aspiring chef or just a housewife, cooking is quite a serious matter as it requires time and skill to master it. In addition to that, it also requires tireless surfing on the internet for new and improved cooking recipes. One cooking application that has made quite a name for its great food content in a very small period of time is known as SooperChef. This online food portal allows you to surf through hundreds of cooking recipes in both Urdu and English language. In addition to that, it sports a 4K video guide which shows complete ingredients and preparation method in an easy step by step format. New recipes are added daily and the application has an offline feature which runs as perfectly. Sooperchef app allows access to more than 200 video cooking recipes which can be download in Urdu and English language for free.

Ride Hailing Services:

With the advent of smartphone technologies, taxi and ride-hailing companies like uber, careem and limofied have their made their way into Pakistan and taken over the transit market by storm. These cab services are providing economic, comfortable and safe transport for their clients. Rides can be booked using the respective app and the drivers and cars are pre-checked and registered in the database for added security. In recent times, careem launched its female captain service so that their female clients feel even more comfortable and safe during their rides. A ride-hailing company known as limofied recently made it to the market and offers limousine rides for its customers. After cab services, a digital rickshaw service known as “rocket rickshaw” providing cheap and fun rickshaw rides to its commuters.

 Expense manager:

This handy application is for the individuals who like to keep their expenses in check, say hello to the Expense Manager App. The smartphone application tracks the expenses of the user with a magnificent and easy to use navigational menu. The Expense Manager app keeps track of the expenditures and formulates an expense report along with an analysis report of the user’s expenditure behavior and notifies them about how can they decrease their expenses and increase the chances of saving more money.

Food Delivery Apps:

It is an indisputable reality that food is the thing that makes the world go round. Being an indispensable part of our lives, especially for foodies of Pakistan, who have earned quite a reputation for their gluttony, food is something that cannot be ignored at any cost. An app known as food panda offers a brilliant and graceful way to order your favorite food from your preferred eateries and restaurants. Food Panda detects all restaurants in your vicinity and displays their food menus for you. From there you can choose the stuff that you want to be ordered and a quick delivery is made to your doorstep. FoodPanda also grants access its users to pay for the ordered meals via cash on delivery or debit/credit card while facilitating the users with some great food deals and massive discount offers.

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