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After Sarahah, another app ‘tbh’ is taking internet by storm

Amna Ansar Sep 18, 2017
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As we all are well aware that Sarahah took internet by storm since last few months. Now after Sarahah another anonymous app ‘tbh’ is trending among the youngsters of country.

In Google App store ‘tbh’ is at the top. Just like Sarahah and other anonymous apps, this app allows its users to connect with their peers, family and colleagues anonymously. Through the app quizzes, compliments can be exchanged.

Users can also connect their account with contacts to find people they know easily. The app provides users with a series of polls about their peers or loved ones. The questions that app includes are positive and they keep on alternating. The app doesn’t reveal the identity of users but unlike Sarahah it allows users to see that who picked them.

Through gems, you can explore different features within the app. Gems can be earned when a friend selects you in a poll. In Google App Store, ‘tbh’ is beating Facebook, Snapchat and Gmail.

Unlike Sarahah, tbh allows positive feedback.

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