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Each Pakistani Hajj pilgrim to get back 250 Saudi Riyal for Mina mismanagement

Amna Ansar Sep 16, 2017
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The Ministry of religious affairs has announced to refund each Pakistani pilgrim with 250 Saudi Riyal. Till now, the ministry has refunded around 43,000 Pakistani pilgrims with almost 10.75 million SR. Those Pakistani pilgrims were refunded so far who were not provided with train facility at Mina.

Ministry revealed that almost 58,000 pilgrims were not provided with the train facility although they have paid for tickets. Reports revealed that many of the pilgrims have received money back during their stay at Saudi Arabia, while rest will get their money soon.

The step was taken after the protest was registered in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan by a large number of pilgrims as Pakistani pilgrims had to walk for 20 to 25 kilometers under hot sun during their Hajj. Due to walking a large distance, many Pakistani pilgrims fainted and became ill. Many of the pilgrims were elderly and people with disabilities.

Previously religious affairs ministry denied any of the mismanagement at Mina. Ministry blamed Saudi government for mismanagement.

However, Saudi government denied these claims and said that it was the responsibility of Pakistani government not of the Saudi government.

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