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Environment-friendly fungus identified in Islamabad

Amna Ansar Sep 16, 2017
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Chinese researchers have identified environment-friendly fungus in rubbish dump in Islamabad that feeds itself with plastic. Earlier, researchers have identified brain-eating amoeba.

Aspergillus tubingensis is the fungus found in a rubbish dump at capital city of Pakistan has the tendency to break down the plastic within few weeks. This fungus can aid in reducing the waste material from the environment.

Researchers of Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Kunming Institute of Botany said that fungus has the tendency to thrive at the surface of plastic and is probably found in soil. 

The body of fungus secrets hormones which is responsible for breaking down the bonds present between individual molecules.Later fungus uses its mycelia to break down the molecules.

However, researchers have observed that different factors like temperature and pH balance can affect the activity of fungus.

This fungus will help in degrading the unwanted substances from the environment.

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