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Pakistan’s first ever Female Superhero Comic Book Launched

Amna Ansar Aug 28, 2017
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Pakistan just like many other countries of world talks about the women empowerment. Pakistan releases its first ever female superhero comic book “PakistanGirl.” The book was released on 22nd August 2017. Interested people can easily buy it from book shops. Additionally people can also read it in the cafes. In story the national dress of country i.e. Shalwar Kameez has been used.

A name girl “Sarah” is the main character in book. Her utmost hobbies include reading books, hanging out with friends and she has a pet cat. Sarah goes through a confusing time period when she comes to know about her hidden powers. Then Sarah decides to help others and thus becomes the superhero for them.

Then through her specifications, Sarah helps people in need. Thus she uses her hidden powers for the noble cause. The whole concept of story is based on the promotion of women empowerment.

Hassan Siddiqui, is the graphic designer and art director of story belongs to Islamabad. Earlier, a book named PakistanMan was launched by Hassan which is also the story of male super hero of Pakistan.

“We wanted her to play a role in gender equality by having a cool female superhero on the front cover of a book. The message of the comic book is that women can also be strong superhero doing the work that’s presumably done by men.” “This young girl is relatable to any and every Pakistani girl who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She’s truly going to be a role model,” Hassan said.

Ali Hyder is the man behind the art work of book. He worked hard to make the book look devastating.

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