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Pakistan’s population at 207.8 million: 6th census results

Amna Ansar Aug 26, 2017
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Pakistan’s population soars to 207.8 million. Pakistan Bureau of Statistics announced the population while disclosing the results of 6th census. According to results of census, till June 2017 the population of country stands at 207,774,520.

The press release of the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics presented that during census that almost 32 million households were kept into consideration during census. Out of which, 20 million were from the village area of Pakistan and rest of 12 million were from city areas.

According to provisional summary, census results show growth in population by 57% since 1998 and 146.6% increase in population since census of year 1981.

According to census of 1981, the population of Pakistan was merely 84 million whereas it reached to 132 million till 1998 and in 2017 it reached upto 207.8 million.

On the other hand census shows the increase in population in urban areas. However, a significant decline in population has been seen in urban population of capital city of country which decreased from 65.72% to 50.58%. This shows that most of the people are residing in rural areas of Islamabad.

When it comes to provinces, Sindh province is the most populated one.

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