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Pakistanis set a new Guinness world record by making world’s largest cookie flag

Amna Ansar Aug 23, 2017
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Peek Freans Soope, one of leading biscuit brands of country has broken the Guinness Book World record  by making world’s largest cookie flag mosaic. According to reports, the cookie flag has been made by the English Business Manufacturers (EBM) family to celebrate 70 years of Independence of country.

The flag is made up with 150,000 green and white cookies measuring 2438.15 square feet. It took 6.5 hours to complete the flag.

Famous celebrities like Younis Khan, Shoaib Akhtar, Adnan Siddiqui, Hareem Farooq, Mira Sethi, and Anoushay Ashraf also visited event and helped EBM team in making up flag.

The whole event was witnessed by the hygiene inspector from Islamabad to ensure quality standards, hygiene and safety.

CEO of EBM, Dr Zeelaf Munir said that

We are a nation that is continuously rebuilding, reshaping and pushing forward — no matter what the odds. Our campaign, ‘Sooper Hai Pakistan’, seeks to highlight this by disseminating content that is the exact opposite of what the popular media continues to cover.

After the completion of flag, cookies were packed and given to charity. Earlier in 2016, 2013.28 square feet cookie flag was made by Royal Academy in Amman, Jordan.

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