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Pakistan for the first time to register transgender man officially as male

Amna Ansar Aug 17, 2017
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In history of Pakistan for the very first time, transgender can be registered as male with National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).

After the two months of legal protests, transgender community of Pakistan is finally placed in male category and can now get officially registered with NADRA.

Mani, a 32 year old girl registered with NADRA and received his Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC), Daily Pakistan stated. After being registered as male, Mani expressed that he always aished to become a man.

“I cannot disclose the details right now,” Mani added. Mani doesn’t reveal any information and said that decision regarding his identity doesn’t come from any Pakistani Court, although courts were involved in the long procedure.

The step was taken by the legal system of Pakistan after the years of struggle by transgender community.

Mani added, “It was a long procedure. My family doesn’t support me, but I am an adult male and can make my decisions on my own.”

In 2011, bill was passed by Supreme Court of Pakistan to officially issue CNIC cards to third gender community of country. However, it is the first time when any transgender is identified as male on CNIC card.

In June 2017, government of Pakistan also allowed authorities to issue passport to transgenders.

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