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Huawei, HEC launch 2nd ICT Skill Competition 2017

Amna Ansar Aug 16, 2017
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Huawei and HEC partners to launch the second round of ICT Skills Competition. The purpose of competition is to nurture the ICT talent of university students to its finest. It is expected that 100 countries from region will participate in the competition.

Huawei and HEC are partners since last ten years. Since their partnership, Huawei and HEC took considerable steps to promote the talent of youth of country by enhancing their technical knowledge.

About ICT Skill Competition:

Till now 80 top universities of region are registered for ICT Skill Competition. However 13 teams will be selected by group of professionals and selected teams will take part in the competition take place between December 11 and 15 at Huawei’s headquarters in Shenzhen, China. Registration is open and deadline for registration is 10 October.

How Selection will take place?

Before reaching to final competition, participants will go through two rounds held at international level. In first phase of competition, 5000+ students from 50+ universities of country are expected to participate in online test. In second phase, 150 most talented students will be selected on merit. Then these 150 students will be chosen for examination. At last, 50 contestors will be selected for final competition at China.

The competition will aid students in getting additional training in industry. Participants will be allowed to work in laboratories and will handle the challenges. During competition, contesters will be tested for their knowledge of cloud computing, switching, routing, and network security. This is for sure great opportunity for students to polish their IT skills.

For registration Click Here.

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