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Amir Khan to divorce wife Faryal Makhdoom

Amna Ansar Aug 04, 2017
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Amir Khan announced publicly to divorce her wife Faryal Makhdoom. Boxer made announcement through his tweets. In his tweets, Amir accuses Faryal in a relationship with fellow boxer Anthony Joshua.

Amir Khan is a British professional boxer, announced to leave his wife. Former world champion, Amir Khan posted five tweets from Dubai.

First tweet of boxer revealed the decision they made regarding their relationship. These tweets include a screenshot which according to Khan is the conversation between his wife and Anthony.

Then Amir posted another tweet, stating “Faryal moved on quick. Always mentioned to me how much she wanted to be with another guy, from all people another boxer.”

Then in another tweet, Khan named Faryal as “Golddigger” and said that he left his family and friends just because of Faryal.

However, soon after Faryal Makhdoom tweeted “I’m sure you left your family because they robbed you? Not because of me. Stop making false things up.”

Faryal added, “Accusing other boxers just because your boxing career is finished. Man up amir,”

Faryal titled boxer as “Cheater.”

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