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Two Pakistani students get first class award from University of London

Amna Ansar Aug 03, 2017
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Two Pakistani students received first class award from University of London (UOL). The students belongs to School of International Law (SIL) Islamabad are awarded for securing top position in the International Programmes Examinations.

The announcement regarding the achievement of brilliant students is made by SIL. Shayan Ahmed and Sakeena Moeen are in final year of LLB (Hons) at SIL. The students are awarded on the base of their performance and high marks in the LLB programme.

The principal of SIL Nida Tareen said, “We are extremely proud of our students. This is the second time that the SIL students achieved not one but two such awards at the same time. Previously in 2015, two of our students achieved the same results. This year history has repeated itself fortunately. Our hardworking students and devoted faculty members efforts have paid off thankfully. Pakistani students have proven once again to the world that they can excel in any field that they set their sights on.”

The director for the Undergraduate Laws Programmes from University of London, Simon Askey appreciated the students for their hard work and performance and congratulated for their achievement.

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