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‘Social Champ’ Pakistani based sharing application marked a milestone

Amna Ansar Aug 01, 2017
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‘Social Champ,’ a Pakistani social media scheduling and sharing app hits first 20 million posts. The app was founded in October 2015. Just after a year of its development, the app has successfully achieved a milestone.
Social Champ was developed by three talented Pakistani boys named as Sameer Ahmed Khan, Zohaib Ahmed Shakir and Shakir Ghani. The app enables the content producers and other businesses to share quality content in very simple manner. Social Champ expands the access of different content producers on social media through scheduling.
The application was developed with enormous features that aids in social sharing. Social Champ is a great application for scheduling posts to different platforms. It helps in social media marketing, social media posting and audience reach. It assists in automating customized RSS posts. Bulk uploads is no more an issue with the development of this app as it allows bulk uploads in single click. Almost 6 thousand users are connected with Social champ and have successfully scheduled posts on Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, Snapchat, Google+ and Instagram.

Sameer Ahmed, CEO of the app said, “Most features in social champ are those requested by people who have worked in the social
media marketing world from a long time, including Guy Kawasaki, who was very helpful with input when we were developing Social Champ.”
Future plans:
The app is looking forward to connect its services to recently introduced Facebook features like live videos and Facebook stories. The artificial techniques will allow the users to produce creative live videos on Facebook. In future, app will also enable the users to find the best possible time posting content.

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