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Why Career Counselling is obligatory?

Rabia Iqbal Jul 29, 2017
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“Before choosing a career, first determine your aptitude for that career”

Flashing back to the school life, career counselling was merely a recommendation from the elders, teachers, and counsellors. But after 12th grade, you can call “Career Counselling” as an essential step to be taken before choosing a career.

Career Counselling is very important before stepping toward the journey of your career.


  1. Defines your true Potential:

Career counselling helps you to determine what your true potentials are? Some students have a clear idea that what they want to be in future as they possess much potential and interest regarding that career preference, on the other hand, many students have no idea about their careers or they are muddled. Career counselling help them in finding the right field of interest for their career to achieve their future goals.

  1. Straightens and Clears Tracks for you:

However, many students have a clear and transparent idea about their careers despite there are many other problems. For Example; The prerequisites of the career they are going to choose and the academic qualification needed for that particular field/course. Career counselling helps in overcoming these problems and provides a clear track to travel toward one’s career.

  1. Gives You Incentives and Support:

Incentives, motivations and moral support is a key in boosting a person to do much better than he has done before. Career counsellors are the real motivators for the students in building the confidence level in them. They boost up the potentials and capabilities of the students and play a key role in improving the overall presentation of a student. Career counselling is very eminent to provide the student with great support and encouragements.


To find a right career for you, you must take benefits from career counselling. To be successful in your career, you should take help from a career counsellor. To avoid the career choosing problems, schools and colleges need to arrange “Career Counselling Seminars” for their students so that the students can never be astray in case of career and all the students should avail those opportunities.

Take a step today, you are not far from your dream career!

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