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Pakistan desires to link Facebook accounts with mobile numbers

Amna Ansar Jul 12, 2017
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Pakistan has requested the famous social media website Facebook to connect all of accounts with the mobile number of users. The recommendation is made to control fake accounts issues in the country.

The vice president of Facebook’s Global Privacy Policy, Joel Kalpan is on its visit to Pakistan to discuss the concerns regarding the blasphemous content. During the discussion between Joel and Pakistani government, it was recommended by the government to associate all the Pakistani profiles current or the upcoming ones with their contact numbers so to minimize the issue.

Secretary od Information Technology, Rizwan Bashir said that in Pakistan all the mobile numbers are being verified. At present people can use Facebook easily once it is linked to their e-mail address. He said Facebook can tackle increasing fake account issues by linking all the accounts with the contact number of users.

Till now 12,977 accounts containing blasphemous content are blocked, said by Chairman PTA, Syed Ismail Shah.

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