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International Squash comes to Pakistan after football

Press Release Jul 12, 2017
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Pakistan Squash Federation is all set to conduct its first ever squash series in the country.  The series will be conducted among Pakistan and World-V.

In squash series, top players of squash around the globe will participate. The series will be played in capital city at Mushaf Ali Mir Squash Complex.

Five matches will be played in two day-series among local and international players. Two matches will be played on Wednesday while rest of three will be played on second and last day of series Thursday.

The matches of Pakistan Vs World-V series will be conducted from July 12 to 13 while those of Pakistan Vs Egypt series will be conducted from July 15 to 16, reports revealed.

The players from Hong Kong, England, USA and France will participate in series. World’s number 1 squash player Karim Abdel Gawad will also be appearing the series.

The series will help in revival of international sports in Pakistan. After football, this series is the great step for promoting international sports in country.

The tickets for the series are available online.

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