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PIA tweets back to viral picture of air hostess

Amna Ansar Jul 06, 2017
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Earlier PIA air hostess angry picture got viral on social media. The picture was taken without her permission and knowledge. In picture woman can clearly be seen walking in the plane corridor and is welcoming passengers.

In response to the viral angry picture of air hostess, PIA now tweets a smiling picture of her.


Earlier flight attendant’s picture was shared on twitter with caption “World’s most senior air hostess welcomes the passengers on board with this face.”

The reaction of the people on social media was varying, many of the people on social media ridicule the woman for the picture while others said it is unethical to share someone’s picture without his/her knowledge.

However Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has responded to the tweet by posting photo of the air hostess In which she is smiling. The photo was shared by PIA with the caption “Spreading smiles in the skies with this face. Proudly serving PIA with professionalism and fearless commitment. #PIACabinCrew #PIASmiles”

Many people on social media are supporting the crew of PIA. Best thing is PIA responded to the tweet wisely without targeting anyone.


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