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World’s first hand stitched Quran made by Pakistani woman

Amna Ansar Jul 03, 2017
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Pakistani woman Zamurd Khan has designed first hand stitched Qur’an in the world. Zamrud has devoted 7 years and 6 months of her life to complete the hand stitched Quran.

Woman is Pashtun and is currently a resident of Karachi’s Korangi area. This hard work shows the love and dedication of the woman for her religion and Qur’an.

The pages of stitched Qur’an are made of cotton and are beautifully bordered with green silk along with gold colored embroidery. Each chapter’s (Sipara) outer page is also decorated in the same pattern.

Green color thread is used for sewing the text of the book. The weight of the Quran is 138Ibs which is almost 62kg.

According to Zamrud, she started stitching the Qur’an with full determination without fearing about how long it will take to complete. Zamrud said she wasn’t having idea that it will take so long to complete the Qur’an but she started it with all her devotion.

To protect Qur’an, it is kept in storage box.

After completing Qur’an, Zamrud said that she is thankful to Almighty Allah for giving her courage and idea to take this step and she has never been so happy before in her life.

Her family said that they are so happy for the achievement of their daughter. They said that she didn’t had any interest for going to weddings, parks, and other functions instead she was more interested in staying at home and completing the Qur’an.

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