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Water ATM machines to be installed by government

Amna Ansar Jul 03, 2017
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ATM water machines will be installed across the Punjab including Rawalpindi for the provision of clean drinking water to the locals.

ATM machines will be installed in collaboration between University of Colorado (US) and Information Technology University Lahore.

This step will aid in providing quality water to the residents of area. Reports revealed that this project will cost almost 374,599 US dollars.

The project will be administered by America’s National Academy of Science and Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan.

The system will be controlled by means of electronic system. Electronic system will oversee if there will be any fault in the machine and the quality of water.

Earlier, a research was conducted which has shown that due to improper water filtration plants, people are not having clean water facilities. According to the details released by IT university, in near future Pakistan will also face water crises as underground water level is below 1000 cubic meter.

Punjab government is also determining to set up mobile water testing lab. At the beginning, five water mobiles will check different water samples.

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