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KEDA and FPCCI urged government to reduce tax on mobile phones

Amna Ansar Jul 02, 2017
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The Federal of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) and The Karachi Electronics Dealers Association (KEDA) appeals government for the reduction of sales tax on mobile phones.

The industries pleaded government for the depletion of sales tax on mobile phones. KEDA and FPCCI requested because higher rates will lead to smuggling and misdeclaration.

In their appeal to federal government and finance minister, Ishaq Dar, KEDA and FPCCI required to minimize sales tax on mobile phones to Rs 150. The tax in the Federal Budget 2017-2018 has been raised to Rs 650 per hand set. Earlier, the tax was raised to Rs 300.

Tax for the category-A handsets has been raised from Rs 300 to Rs 650, although phones of feature category are comparatively cheaper one.

Around 112% total taxes and duties have been raised on imported phone of Rs 800 only. This is definitely injustice to the poor community of country.

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