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Controversy to celebrate two Eid`s in Pakistan Still continues

Faryal Nadeem Jun 27, 2017
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Every Pakistani citizen has to accept the irony truth that two Eid`s are celebrated in Pakistan. Most of the Muslim sisters and brothers have celebrated Eid on 26th of June while in KPK, the citizens celebrated Eid on 25th June with Saudia Arabia. However, that is what happens every year. We cannot deny the fact that social media owns significant responsibility in creating a dilemma while on the other side many celebrities sincerely wishes everyone Eid Mubarak by being loyal.

There is no point of being cynical and sarcastic about the two Eid drama. The situation cannot be solved yet, and it is called as the KPK and rest of the country conflict. Basically, it is a conflict between ideologies, and people must learn it deeply and think on this matter instead of showing ignorance or any related signs.

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Let’s take a look at the Scholars opinions on moon sighting

  • According to the scholars, if two witnesses sight new moon then it is essential for Muslim Ummah to start fast and a similar pattern is followed all around the globe for the whole Muslim Ummah.
  • Many scholars presented their opinion that due to difference in latitude, all regions and countries must observe new moon sighting in their country.
  • While no scholar supports the idea to start or end fast with Saudi Arabia.

The interpretation to fast and when to breakfast may vary. However, according to all other citizens, it would be great if entire Muslim Ummah mainly Pakistanis celebrate Eid on one day together. Yes, the country must get unite on this idea. It is our duty to respect each other’s opinions and stay tolerant.

Happy Eid and Stay blessed

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