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Google will help you to find reliable job via job search engine

Faryal Nadeem Jun 24, 2017
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Are you looking for a stable job? Then you do not have to search for job vacancy on the web or various job sites. Google is now assisting all of its users in finding a job with a reliable and easy to use a search engine. The technology Giant platform job-searching feature is available for every type of job.

According to the sources, the Giant Platform is embedded with machine learning and is trained with algorithms to organize job listings and sort them optimally from various sites including Glassdoor, Monster, or Linked in. Suppose if you want to find the Job on Google then you can search it with the integrated AI technology.

Let us guide you how to use Google for Jobs.

To get started all you need is to type JOBS or INTERNSHIPS in a Google search bar. After the search, a box with label JOBS will pop up under the search bar.

The words you will type in the search bar will narrow up the results. However, if you are looking for specific term or job then do not forget to narrow down the search the typing the appropriate term suppose Reporter Jobs, engineering jobs or other.

If you are searching the nearby jobs to your house or home location, then type JOBS NEAR ME.

To find a job in your locality, you just have to type JOBS and the name of your area where you are residing.

After clicking on the Jobs box, you will be directed to the specified page.

However, you can get more specific by typing your preference that whether you need full time or part time jobs.

You can view the options with titles

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Alternatively, the dates on which they are posted.


As well as the work, location and the type of company. Such tabs will help you to do a reliable research and allows to make a good match.

So if you want to stay connected and get alerts about job postings then turn on the alerts, and you will get an email directly to your mailbox. Once you find your dream job, then Google will direct you to the original posting.

Do not forget to type any particular keyword in the search bar.

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