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UAE residents can finally make voice and video calls via WhatsApp

Faryal Nadeem Jun 23, 2017
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You must be well aware of the smartphone users in UAE, which remained deprived of availing voice call, and video call features of WhatsApp or any other messenger. However, but now users can make video and voice calls to their loved ones via WhatsApp. UAE residents confirm that instant messaging app recently approved feature of video calling.

This facility has helped many people to stay in touch with their families, friends and even loved ones.

Citizens in UAE will get benefit from the application. The port city Dubai is one of the costly cities in world and getting facilities in the city are not cheap. UAE owns a large number of expatriates living in it who have come from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and several countries.

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The ban is lifted by WhatsApp in the country and proves to be a pleasant decision, which lets the users stay in contact with friends and families in various homelands via voice calls and video calls. The alternatives like Skype can also be utilized, but instant messaging app owns a high number of users.

However, WhatsApp is quiet in lifting the ban. It was a surprise for users who observed feature recently. App uses Wi-Fi network or mobile roaming to connect users. The clarity in video calls and voice calls depends on speed of the internet. UAE residents were happy now that can make calls to the friends and family members without charges.

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