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Everyone is busy in Champions Trophy: No one noticed Nokia 3310 is BACK!!

Faryal Nadeem Jun 23, 2017
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Who doesn’t love Nokia? Everyone is a fan of Nokia phone sets because they are reliable, amazing, long lasting, owns the best battery, best performance, intuitive interface, and the list of Pros goes on and on. Nokia 3310 is again trending in Pakistan market. It has won the hearts of many with its new and sleek design. The twitter trends clearly depict that in the last two days; Nokia 3310 has penetrated and left a significant mark on Pakistani society right after the release.

Just look at the Twitter Trends.

The revamped Nokia 3310 was launched on 15th June and is available at a retail price of Rs 6490 as per the PR of HMD Global.

Nokia 3310 is a remodeled set of the predecessor, and 126 million units were sold worldwide after the release in 2000.

The phone is known for its durability and undying battery life, 3310 is also set to cater the hopes of its fans as well as expectations with a standby of month and 22 hours of talk time.

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The phone is available in gray, dark blue, yellow and warm red color. Red and Yellow own glossy finish while gray and blue are in the matte finish. The variants with dual sums and extendable storage of 32GB space are also available. So get to know the excitement of people.

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