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Upwork`s, Social Impact program, will be signified by Two Pakistani Organizations

Faryal Nadeem Jun 21, 2017
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The importance of upwork platform cannot be ignored in the freelancer life. It is a great platform that hires the freelancer and provides them work according to their skills. Recently, the platform has selected two Pakistani organizations for the Social Impact Program which is named as Women`s Digital League and Empower Pakistan.

The Upwork Social Impact Program aims to assist clients to work with freelancers from different underserved communities. Women digital League and Empower Pakistan will work in close collaboration with community living on fringes of the poverty line to help and support the families of self-sustained people and related networks.

Let us guide you with Women Digital League platform

It is a digital service for the clients merely designed for Pakistani women and is owned by Pakistani Women. They are facilitating women from all over Pakistan to earn money with the ease of home. The organization provides services in many fields that include administrative assistance, Social media marketing, and accounting, software testing, and writing assistance.

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Empower Pakistan

Another organization is helping and serving the country and assisting the youth to polish their skills and work as a freelancer. The organization is providing services like web designing, brochure design, content writing, and WordPress.

You will be well aware that Pakistan currently own millions of freelancers that are working online to earn a living. The platform is providing them potentially, especially to the Pakistani Youth. They can display their talent via international freelancing platforms and government of Pakistan has promised to train more than 1 million freelancers.

However, the recent partnership with upwork is massive and is not for organization purpose. More projects will encourage the international organizations to engage and try with freelancers in Pakistan.

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