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Tech Visa established by French President Macron for Start-ups

Faryal Nadeem Jun 21, 2017
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French President Emmanuel Macron has launched a technology visa for the investors and startup founders to establish world-leading companies or start-ups. The visa will surely make it easy for the foreign talent to join France to offer their particular services in various technology fields. This new regulation undoubtedly supports the startups with money or proper funding.

The procedure proves to be fast tracked and let individuals get a residence permit in France known as Talent Passport. The permit is valid for four years and can be extended for immediate family members.

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Macron told media that I want France to attract new entrepreneurs with amazing opportunities. The new researchers will undoubtedly change the country into an innovative place and start-ups. He added that I want that the country must change into a country of unicorns.

Yes, according to circumstances, the new talent is leaving France because of the unattractive environment, but this new opportunity surely paves the way for new talent. The key to keeping talent in the country is constant training. Macron believes that proposed European Venture Fund will support the start-ups as they keep on growing.

Venture Capital Investment in France will hit $1.6 billion in 2016 while it was $1.7 bn in 2015.

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