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Microsoft unveils the fingerprint ID Keyboard for Windows Hello sign

Faryal Nadeem Jun 20, 2017
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Microsoft has recently introduced two fantastic devices for Surface, which is modern Mouse and modern keyboard. Both of the products are exceptionally designed and fulfills the customer’s needs optimally. No matter whether you want to utilize the gadgets at home or office, they surely cater the need optimally.

The new Microsoft Keyboard supports on operating systems across the board including the latest versions of iOS and Android, Windows 10, macOS. The amazing modern keyboard is very much similar to surface keyboard because same design is borrowed from its younger sibling. It is used to pay things on the web to unlock the PC and even logging into websites.

From last month, it is reported that the keyboard is Bluetooth based SIG filings, which will soon convert into a fingerprint sensor keyboard.

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The mouse also supports Bluetooth connectivity and compatible with Window 8 and onwards. With all the features and integrated benefits, keyboard is not so cheap because fingerprint sensor is not available at any bargain.

Modern Mouse looks better as compared to past models. It is physically round, smooth and contains invisible buttons as well as a metal scroll wheel. The cost of the mouse is $50. However, Microsoft Keyboard is designed to provide a flawless typing experience to all the customers.

Microsoft has introduced the world’s first great keyboard which features a fingerprint sensor and embeds with a key or a biometric technology provided by Fingerprint cards.

The aluminum keyboard is virtually indestructible, and the price range of Modern Keyboard is huge. The dimension of Keyboard is 420.9 x 112.6 x 19.3mm and weighs 420 grams. While the new mouse is available in soft silver finish and is merely aesthetic.

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