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Pakistan`s Electric Vehicle Market welcomes BMW

Faryal Nadeem Jun 14, 2017
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At the starting of this year, Pakistan got its first public charging station, which paved the way for BMW in Pakistan. BMW supplied technology while DF Motors is handling the installation as well as ongoing operations and shared that

It is one of the three charging stations, and two more will soon be inaugurated at the end of this year.

The first charging station is located in the central area or busy road Lahore and serves 141 EV drivers.

The next two installments will be in Karachi and Islamabad because there are few EV drivers in the area. The amount of the fifty orders for the electric imported vehicles is increasing and will forecast the sale this year. Pakistan owns a population of 188 million, and EVs is catching, but DF motors expect that growth will come quickly. BMW has collaborated with DF to handle the increased sales in the country and specifically increasing interest in electric or hybrids car. The automaker will receive 180 preorders from Pakistan for X1 PHEV that will launch in China back in September and will launch in other cities of Pakistan.

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Managing Director BMW Group Middle East said that Fifteen percent of total sales in Pakistan would be coming from Hybrid segment and tendency is increasing.

DF Motors believe that BMW ChargeNow service will push electrified vehicle soon. While the Chairman of Dewan Foorque said that

I am hopeful that BMW Charge Now Station will make daily monitoring possible purely in electric mode for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles which offer greater mobility than conventional hybrid vehicles.

In many parts of Pakistan, people own hybrid electric vehicle by subsidizing taxes and duties. Subsidies will cover between 30% to 100% of costs and Pakistan Ministry of industries and production is hopeful that EVs and PHEVs will soon be in Pakistan.

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