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Sell And buy pets with this new online setup:

Faryal Nadeem Jun 13, 2017
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Technology is evolving with time, and in this recent era, online shopping has become a trend. You will find thousands of websites online that lets you buy everything but have you ever come across an idea where people can sell and buy pets online. Yes, allows its customers to buy pets online with the ease of home.

If you are a fan of pets, then this online platform helps you a lot and is exceptionally designed for pet lovers. The platform was launched officially on 24th May 2017. Plan9 Technology Incubator supports the startup.

The former GM or CEO of Pantera Energy inaugurated the portal. He mentioned that society is in need of such portal and pets where availability of pets will be available. The idea is new and amazing. It helps to contribute the online market. is designed to revolutionize the pet industry in Pakistan, and this not only allows buying pet but lets you adopt or sell a pet. The motto of the online store is to Buy a Paaltu, sell a Paaltu or adopt a Paaltu.

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The site is designed so that people can easily deal with animals by putting an ad on the site and deal. It is a convenient way for sellers and buyers to get their desired pet with an ease of home. The user-friendly site offers easy navigation for all users and offers a search bar, which allows you to search for the pet you want. It owns many useful filters and enables you to become more precise such as breed, price, livestock city.

The main aim of the site is to associate with the people who love pets. It brings ease in the society and allows everyone to connect and share the same topic. Uploading an ad is a way people communicate with one another from all over Pakistan. Customers can quickly sign up for an account via using a mobile phone or Facebook. It is easy to deal once someone shows interest in the particular pet and will contact the seller.

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Umair Jaliawala uploaded a video, which explained aims of startup, and he is from School of Leadership. CEO of Umer Baig said that

Startup is a digital system. The portal is great and helps to ensure that the health and breed of animal are up to the mark as stated by the seller who gives the buyer ultimate confidence to go ahead with the purchase without any worry. Through this fantastic development, hopes to end any fraud in the pet market.  core strength mainly lies in its keen and dedicated team. The Chairman Punjab Information Technology Board Ddr Umar Saif wishes and congratulates all the owners

A startup like owns no limitation because it is integrated with technology and allows to deals with all sort of issues that we face while dealing with pets. The numerous online sites where people sell and buy pets, but there is not verification of breed, which will be eliminated by this site. will make pet confirmation along with selling and buying of it. I wish all the founders all the best for future.

So visit the site and do not forget to leave your precious ratings to the online pet dealing.

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