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Branch Codes issued by SBP to book the fresh currency notes

Faryal Nadeem Jun 12, 2017
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State Bank of Pakistan provided the list of branches from where Pakistanis can quickly pick up the booked currency notes on Eid-ul-Fitr 2017.

The SMS fee is not reduced and is constant with Rs 1.50 per request, but SBP has doubled the bank branches to facilitate the people. The new currency is a denomination of Eid. However, the service is accessible on first come first served basis which means a request made by every person may not be entertained because there is a specific quota for every bank to issue the fresh currency notes.

An individual can only get three packets of Rs.10 and one packet of Rs. 50 and Rs. 100.

Where and how to send?

Under the facility, an individual can send the SMS message which comprises of CNIC (13 digits) number with the desired Branch ID.

The sample text message will look like this

0123456789101 (space) LHE007

Moreover, send this message on 8877 number.

LHE007 will be the branch code that can be obtained from SBP list from the website.

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After sending the message, an individual will get an instant response via SMS and will be notified with a code that must be presented at bank to get fresh currency notes. If there is no response or decline in the request, then quota for fresh currency for particular branch will be fulfilled, and you have to send a new request with another branch ID.

Branch codes list

Now you can download the branch codes for fresh currency notes by clicking on the link Freshnote SBP branch list. It is a PDF file and allows you to pick a branch near your resident or workplace and send it by using SMS. This year SBP has doubled the number of branches from 500 to 1000. These branches are designated and based in 120 different cities of commercial and specialized banks.

Remember that each CNIC number or phone number must be used once. Issuance of fresh currency notes starts from 12th June and continues until 23rd June 2017.

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