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Facial recognition and drones will catch cheat during exam

Faryal Nadeem Jun 09, 2017
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Chinese education authorities are taking serious measures to catch the cheaters during exams. Millions of students take their annual university entrance exam as a white-collar job. It proves to be competitive that many students plan to cheat during an exam.

With the innovation in technology. The cheating methods and patterns have also revolutionized, and students have used wireless cheating device, which are disguised as watches, belts, and erasers. Many students use tiny earpieces to communicate with the accomplices who will help them outside the exam room. Innovations forced the authorities to introduce best technology.

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Exam centers have deployed facial, fingerprint recognition technology and metal detectors to root out cheating. However, wireless detectors, cell phone signal blockers, and even drones to find who is cheating during exam.

Universities in Shandong province banned students from taking leave to prevent them from disguising as real exam takers. Cheating is a common act of papers especially when the question paper is set as multiple-choice question in English and maths. While essay writing confounds cheats and it is an important section of Chinese paper because topics vary in every province.

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