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Braille assisting Blind Girls to become Hafiz e Quran

Faryal Nadeem Jun 08, 2017
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8 Blind students from Malaysia are trying hard to memorize Holy Quran with the amazing Braille gadget which is a writing system merely designed for the visually impaired or blind people. All of these students are born blind and are now a part of 1000 strong group at Darul Quran school learning. All of them are wise and intelligent enough and are memorizing the holy book.

Their teacher Ahmed Qusairi Mat Zizi said that they are trying hard to learn at least one or two pages in a day. They have to read every page for more than 40 times to memorize it correctly. Ahmed Qusairi Mat Zizi is also blind.

During the month of Ramazan, 8 students also fast and dedicate their entire daytime in learning the holy text. All they need is to move their fingers across Braille and show no sign of exhaustion or fatigue.

Students are utilizing the local copies of Quran written in Braille, which is available in six volume.

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Nur Basiyrah Azhar said:

My motivation to join the school is for my family and then for myself. I like to memorize Quran, and it is one of the ambitions.

All of the students can opt for additional Islamic studies at University level as soon as they complete their Hafiz Quran course. Many Malaysian institutes are offering similar services and assisting the blind children to learn Quran. Malaysia`s Deputy PM Ahmed Zahid Hamidi told the sources that 125,000 Malaysians would memorize Quran by 2025.

~via AFPNewsAgency

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