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Smart Life introducing new FUTURE for Lahoris

Faryal Nadeem Jun 07, 2017
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Smart Life is an upgraded and innovative home technology studio, which has opened its doors for the members of reporting who are well esteemed in Lahore.

Some of the notable brands have participated in the field of technology available at store including Audioquest, Bower and Wilkins, BeoPlay, McIntosh and BeyerDynamic whose products are easily accessible and can be bought as standalone items.

The CEO of Smart Life tells that

Smart Life is trying hard to study the life on client to provide an optimum home solution for him. The company aims to bring expertise in field of specialize home technology to public eye with the innovative offerings for offices and homes including sound, automated lighting and drapery systems.

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Demo event was followed by the iftaar event, which invited journalists to exchange their thoughts on how developed tech-retail structure has become in Pakistan.

Smart Life is trying hard to offer best products to digitize the home. It offers home delivery for many items and provides customization options for clients to execute completion. CartelPR organized event.

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