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Apple to expand SIRI making it capable of working with larger apps

Faryal Nadeem Jun 04, 2017
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Apple Incorporation is planning to make a wise move by introducing Siri Voice assistant work with larger variety of apps. The technology company is planning to counter the success of Amazon and is competing Alexa service.

The California-based company is likely to stick with the tested method and focus on a variety of features. It is trying hard to perfect them with a wide array of possibilities.

Currently, Siri app provides assistance with only six type of apps that is

  • ride-hailing and sharing
  • fitness
  • photo search
  • messaging and calling
  • payments
  • auto infotainment systems

In the upcoming conference, the company plans to add the additional categories. Most of the industry owners also predicted that Apple would announce hardware changes as well which will be similar to Amazon Echo device. While Apple declined the statement.

However, if Siri gets successful, then it will be efficient enough to handle at least 12000 tasks, which will be stronger than Amazon Alexa. The difference between Alexa and Siri features is strategic between tech rivals.

Apple is betting their customers will not use voice commands without an experience similar to speaking with a human. It is limiting what Siri will do to make the client happy. Amazon will put no restrictions on Alexa that is wagering the voice assistant with most skills. Even if Alexa makes some mistakes, then it will take the effort to get rid of mistakes.

Siri and Alexa have a clash of approaches that will come to virtual assistant that respond to voice commands and have become a priority, especially for the leading tech companies, which is engaging customers, and make more money from shopping and online services.

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Now the recent iPhone user can say Hey Siri, would like a ride to the airport, or Hey Siri order Siri and me a car will open the Uber or Lyft ride service app and start booking a trip.

Apart from the music and basic home functions, Alexa needs direction that is more particular and uses a limited set of commands such as tell or ask. For example, Alexa, ask Uber for a ride and the process of summoning a car. However, Alexa order me an Uber will not since Alexa does not make the internet connection that it should open the Uber Skill.

After the reliable updates, Alexa can order a pizza from Dominos while Siri cannot get a pie because food delivery is not added in the categories that Apple has opened up for Siri.

Amazing issued a statement our goal is to speak with Alexa as natural and comfortable as possible, we are looking good measures to improve Siri over time. Apple focus is to become a problem said Matt Mcllwain that a venture capitalist with Seattle Based Madrona Venture Group.

The potential of Apple original iPhone did not become known until many developers started building apps. Mcllwain said that he expects Apple to introduce new categories at the Worldwide Developers Conference next week. To attract developers in modern world, you need a reliable platform but if Apple does not launch a skills store that it will be a mistake.

However, we can conclude that neither Alexa nor Siri has a clear path to make money. Siri works unconditionally to control the traditional apps, and Apple pays more amount to the owners of the apps. Alexa skills are exceptional, but developers are not paid well.

Now, both of the tools have their limits, but they do not commit to staying static.

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