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50 Ghee and oil products banned by Punjab Food Authority this Ramazan

Faryal Nadeem Jun 01, 2017
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We understand that iftar is incomplete without Pakoras, Samosa, roll, and much more frying items but PFA has given a gift to all the citizens of Punjab by banning unhealthy oil and ghee products available at the market in low price. PFA is monitoring food items under the Supreme Court order and have taken action against milk brand. In March, more than 142 ghee, oil, and banaspati products from more than 120 companies were tested and results provided by Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industria Research, certain brands are banned.

From total 142 samples, 92 passed and 26 failed while some of the products did not meet the recommended nutritional standards and are titled as unhealthy.

PFA wants to spread the message that the public must avoid buying the products, which have failed the tests. The authorities are required to remove the failed products from the shelves of the stores as well as from the markets with a penalty of Rs. One million each.

The companies who fails to meet the nutritional standards are asked to improve the quality of the product within one month. As the time limit ends, the products will be sampled and tested again.

List of harmful products

According to the report of PCSIR, following is the list of ghee, banaspati, and cooking oil products, which are harmful to health and must be removed from shelves immediately.

  • Dua Banaspatu
  • Taza Banaspati
  • Hafeez Banaspati
  • Latif Banaspati
  • Care BAnaspati
  • Shahbaz Banaspati
  • Asia BAnaspati
  • Darja-e-Awal Banaspati
  • Darja-e-Awal Cooking Oil
  • Yadgar Banaspati
  • Pure oil premier Banaspati
  • Amber Banaspati
  • SehrCooking Oil
  • Sehr Banaspati
  • Shahtaj Banaspati
  • Salvi Banaspati
  • Sultan Banaspati
  • Commander Banaspati
  • Savera Banaspati
  • Seasons Banaspati
  • Gaye Banaspati
  • Kisan Sunflower Oil
  • Kausar Banaspati
  • Mujahid Banaspati
  • Evian Flower Oil
  • Zaiqa Banaspati

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List of unhealthy Products

PCSIR confirms that several tested samples does not meet the international standards for nutritional values. The products needs to be tested within one month to improve the quality. If the products does not meet the criteria, then production of the products will be halted.

  • Evian cooking oil
  • Meher Banaspati
  • Ghausia Banaspati
  • Handi Banaspati
  • Prime Banaspati
  • Data Banaspati
  • Mumtaz Banaspati
  • Ashiana Banaspati
  • Shahtaj Premier Cooking Oil
  • Handi Cooking Oil
  • Islamabad Banaspati
  • Asia Pure CookingOil
  • Marwa Cooking Oil
  • Askari Banaspati
  • Malta Banaspati
  • Khyber Banaspati
  • Suad Banaspati
  • Rehmat Banaspati
  • Rani Gold Banaspati
  • Taza Gold Banaspati
  • Inam Banaspati
  • Soya Supreme Banaspati
  • Islamabad Cooking Oil
  • Shan Cooking oil

The quality of all cooking oils and ghees available in the market will be tested at least twice a year. The tests will be pre-announced, and one will be surprise test. Samples must be acquired in the presence of company representative. Samples will be tested by PCSIR, which is an ISO certified international standard laboratory. All companies will be given specified time to resolve the issues and improve the quality within specified time. If someone tries to violate the rules, the authority will take legal action.

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