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10Pearls gets recognition from leading Advisory Firm and included in Forrester’s May 2017 report.

Press Release Jun 01, 2017
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HERNDON, VA, MAY 31, 2017 10Pearls has been included in Forrester’s May 2017 report: Vendor Landscape: Mobile Enterprise Applications Services Providers. Designed to offer guidance to companies looking for a mobile app development partner, the report provides an overview of digital boutiques, technology services providers and consultancies that can meet the increasingly complex and sophisticated technology demands of business stakeholders. 10Pearls is listed alongside other leading technology partners, including Accenture, EY, CapGemini, Deloitte and EPAM.

According to Forrester’s market research, it is imperative that businesses select app developers that blend innovation, strategy, business acumen and industry knowledge. Emphasizing the vast difference between today’s enterprise mobile apps and the enterprise technology of the past, the report argues that successful app development requires “user-centric design, a high-velocity approach to development, and a flexible, feedback-driven approach to evolving systems once enterprises deploy them.”

10Pearls develops the disruptive solutions that enterprises need to compete in today’s digital economy, pairing industry expertise with enterprise-grade development capabilities to deliver innovative, customer-driven applications.

10Pearls is uniquely positioned to enable digital transformation through its focus on “intelligent experiences” – an approach that combines customer experience, cognitive design and artificial intelligence into a package that unlocks immediate value and produces hard-to-replicate market advantages for businesses in the financial, media/communications and healthcare spaces.

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“We’re honored to be amongst some great companies listed by Forrester as enterprise mobile application development providers,” said Imran Aftab, CEO of 10Pearls. “Our ability to deliver intelligent digital experiences requires not only effective execution, but also a focus on research and innovation. We begin each engagement with an understanding of our client’s business goals, challenges, target audience, and vision – that’s what truly drives the success of our work.”

10Pearls has developed a range of enterprise mobile applications for businesses in a variety of industries, including transportation, healthcare and media/communications. Its recent work in the mobile technology space includes fleet management solutions, HIPAA-compliant apps, and a variety of self-service account management apps. After acquiring Brilliant Experience in January of 2017, 10Pearls is one of the few technology development partners capable of leveraging deeper, more meaningful customer insights while meeting client demands for speed and flexibility.

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